Pang: a sudden sharp pain or painful emotion

Posted: February 11th, 2009

Here’s something that I hate that is completely hip right now: sharing cool stuff online. Every time someone shows me (aka tweets or posts to Facebook or worst of all, RETWEETS) something I’ve already seen (but didn’t share with the world), and “acts” as if they’re the first to share it, I get a physical TWINGE, a PANG of annoyance. Like, for serious.

It’s the strangest rivalry. On one hand, I’m thinking “I’m so much cooler. I saw that yesterday. And I didn’t feel the need to share it.” And on the other hand, I’m all “I SAW THAT FIRST. I SAW IT FIRST I SAW IT FIRST YOU ARE NOT COOLER THAN I AM JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE SHARING THAT BECAUSE I SAW IT FIRST EVEN THOUGH NO ONE KNOWS I SAW IT FIRST DAMMIT I SAW IT FIRST.”

I think this is related to “liking that band before no one had heard of them and they hadn’t sold out.” (Example: I heard Band X this summer on All Songs Considered, and got their album. Cut to Winter Break, someone tweets about Band X and how awesome they are and how everyone should be listening to them. Cut to two weeks later and someone replies to said tweet with “I KNOW I LOVE THEM TOO OMG. And then said band starts showing up as background music in homemade videos and I cover my face in frustration.)

So what’s at the root of all of this? I think I might just still have hints of stuck up “hipster elitism” in me, despite having shed that persona ages ago (BECAUSE NEWSFLASH! I have never been a hipster or a punk or particularly indie I just like the music and it took a while for me to realize this).

So yes, just to be clear (EXAMPLES!): we’ve seen it, your mom’s seen it, the Wall Street Journal has seen it, and now we can let it die already, okay?

(Let’s just chalk this up to my bitch side because I know how stupid I am about this subject and get on with things.)

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